8 Ways Tired Landlords Can Sell Their Rental House Quickly

Tired of being a landlord and dealing with late payments, repairs, and other issues with tenants? If so, selling a rental property quickly, is possibly the only thing you are considering. However, if you have tenants locked up in a lease, you simply can’t sell midterm, and force everyone out. So, what do you do in this case? Whether you have tenants under lease or not, these are a few options to consider, when you’re in a rush to sell your house fast, and simply don’t want to deal with tenants any longer.


1. Auction sales
An auction sale to companies is one option. In many cases, you will find these sales are extremely quick, especially if the price is right. With auction sales attracting other landlords, it is also an easy way to keep your tenants in place, and not break lease terms, when you no longer wish to manage the properties in question.

2. Other landlords
Do you know other landlords? Do you know they have money to invest and want to buy more properties? If so, you can target them directly. First, guarantee your tenants they can stay in the unit and rent won’t go up (at least until their contract expires). This will cover you legally. But, if the price is right, if you have paying tenants in place, and if units are easy to rent, the right landlord will jump on the deal.

3. Ask tenants
May seem a bit far-fetched to some, but it doesn’t have to be. If tenants are happy in the unit, and if you know certain tenants are interested in investments, why not? At least you will find a viable candidate with funds to buy, and you can turn around and sell quickly when you want to get out of the leasing field.

4. Target banks
If you don’t want to lease or manage properties, try going after banks. Many are more than willing to invest, especially in a property which has tenants, is doing well, and makes money. If they know there is a steady demand for rentals, and they will be receiving income, they might consider an offer if you want to get out.

5. Landlord advertising
Marketing your property through advertising mediums online, and email forums for landlords, is yet another option. Again, many people wish to make more investments and purchase more properties. If you can properly list your rental property if you can show a steady demand for rentals, your profits, and the type of tenant you attract, you will find plenty of viable candidates who will be willing to buy into, and take over your property.

6. Property exchange
Landlord property exchange sites are a common way to sell quickly. Not only do you find several landlords who are willing to invest, you find people with money who can buy now. You can sell quickly, you can turn a profit, and you can get the rental property off your hands, when you no longer wish to deal with it.

7. Locate Large companies that Purchase Properties
Like companies promoting “we buy houses” there are also companies which purchase rental properties for cash. Selling to these companies ensures you are paid cash, you are paid quickly, and that your property is going to be managed by a great team of investors. Not only will you receive cash offers, these companies have the resources to take over the property right away as well.

8. List it
Your final option might be the traditional route homeowners take when selling their home. You can always list the property with a realtor, in an attempt to sell it quickly. Regardless of the condition of the property, the number of units, or the type of tenants who are there, the right realtor can help sell it quickly, for the highest offer on the property.

If you are tired of being a landlord, you do have options when trying to sell your rental property quickly. But, knowing which ones work, which ones to avoid, and how to list the property for sale, is key to getting it sold quickly. These are a few options available to you as a landlord, when you want to sell now, and when you want to receive the highest offer on the property you are trying to sell to a viable investor or buyer.

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Selling a House Faster: Make it Green!

Obviously, there are many ways landlords that get sick and tired of dealing with problem tenants can sell their house fast, however, what a lot of landlords really want to know is; what tools are available to them that will be the quickest and most efficient & sustainable ways to move a house (previously tenanted) that is already in need of serious repair?  It’s widely known in the real estate industry, both in commercial, single-family residential, and multifamily, that it is not easy two source good tenants that will not destroy a property while they’re living in it for many years. Many times, when a tenant moves out of a property the landlord is stuck with a house that many thousands in serious repair.


It’s at this juncture or fork in the road that landlords begin to wonder and search for how to minimize the risk and maximize the return on investment while trying to exit investment quicker and easier then using traditional methods to sell a house.  Here are a few green and energy efficient ways that a landlord can unload his property shorter period of time:

1)  first of all, we know that  expert house buyers prefer a home that can save them money in the long run.  Landlords can capitalize on this desire by showing their buyers a home that much smaller electric bill due to energy efficient & carbon emission reduction upgrades that were made to the house in the remodeling process.  Homeowners/Landlords can also show potential buyers that their upgrades to the property will save water longer term and of course minimize home maintenance and operating costs in the near term.

2)   buyers also prefer what is called ” ease of use”  in the real estate industry.   What does this mean?   Ease of use could mean, how easy it is for a homeowner to use certain amenities in the home.  These days, with the advancement in technology that we have seen over the past 20 years,  a landlord could satisfy this need of buyers by simply adding certain energy efficient features to the home that make it easier to use.  Hence,   if there are more features and benefits to home that a buyer would want in a home,  then theoretically it should make it easier for an investor to sell his house quicker.