Selling a House Faster: Make it Green!

Obviously, there are many ways landlords that get sick and tired of dealing with problem tenants can sell their house fast, however, what a lot of landlords really want to know is; what tools are available to them that will be the quickest and most efficient & sustainable ways to move a house (previously tenanted) that is already in need of serious repair?  It’s widely known in the real estate industry, both in commercial, single-family residential, and multifamily, that it is not easy two source good tenants that will not destroy a property while they’re living in it for many years. Many times, when a tenant moves out of a property the landlord is stuck with a house that many thousands in serious repair.


It’s at this juncture or fork in the road that landlords begin to wonder and search for how to minimize the risk and maximize the return on investment while trying to exit investment quicker and easier then using traditional methods to sell a house.  Here are a few green and energy efficient ways that a landlord can unload his property shorter period of time:

1)  first of all, we know that  expert house buyers prefer a home that can save them money in the long run.  Landlords can capitalize on this desire by showing their buyers a home that much smaller electric bill due to energy efficient & carbon emission reduction upgrades that were made to the house in the remodeling process.  Homeowners/Landlords can also show potential buyers that their upgrades to the property will save water longer term and of course minimize home maintenance and operating costs in the near term.

2)   buyers also prefer what is called ” ease of use”  in the real estate industry.   What does this mean?   Ease of use could mean, how easy it is for a homeowner to use certain amenities in the home.  These days, with the advancement in technology that we have seen over the past 20 years,  a landlord could satisfy this need of buyers by simply adding certain energy efficient features to the home that make it easier to use.  Hence,   if there are more features and benefits to home that a buyer would want in a home,  then theoretically it should make it easier for  someone to sell their house quicker.